Paper Presentation Guidelines

Presenters of the papers should prepare their presentations using the provided Power Point template. You should edit template only to add your university or company affiliation, if desired.  

It is advised that the presenters upload the presentations to the EasyChair site before arrival at the conference, so that organizers can download them to the presentation computers before the conference starts.   

The organizers will provide an MS Windows computer in each session room, projector with white screen, or large TV set for projections.  

Presenters should enter their session rooms 5 minutes before the scheduled time and contact the session chair, to verify that everything is OK with slides, and to provide the last opportunity to transfer the slides to the session computers.  

Every presenter will have a time slot of 20 minutes to present their work and address the questions from the audience (17 min for presentation and 3 min for Q&A) 

During the presentation it is important to avoid reading from the slides, also keep an eye contact with your audience. 

Session chairs will notify the presenter 5 minute before allotted time and 2 minutes before the allotted time, and they are authorized to terminate too long presentations. 

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