Visa & Travel Requirement

The organizers will provide the letter for obtaining the travel visa to attend the conferences in the USA. Authors may request such letter upon submission of the draft paper.

Visa Application

Most Canadian citizens and many citizens from Visa Waiver Program countries (38 countries) can travel to the United States (U.S.) without a visa, if they meet certain requirements.

Nonimmigrant visas are required for international travelers from other countries coming to the U.S. temporarily.

Detailed Information can be accessed on the State Department website.

Letter of Invitation to ICPR Americas 2024

Presenters or Attendees needing an official Invitation Letter for Visitor Visa and/or Port Entry to USA, please send your inquiries to and provide the following info:

  • Full Name (official name used in your government issued travel document).
  • Submission paper number(s), and title(s) of the paper(s) you will present for which you are the author or a co-author.
  • Country of Citizenship (Passport number is optional).
  • Organization sponsoring your trip to the conference (self-support or an institution will support).
  • Your e-mail address (secured and daily used one).
  • Your full contact address (street, city, country, etc.).

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